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vehicle transport, general cargo & storage.
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Why choose us?

Our services

We are your company when you‘re looking for vehicle transportation. We transport commercial vehicles, buses, trailers and cars all across Europe.

Domestic and international


Our fleet covers many global routes daily, connecting all clients’ factories to regional and international destinations. Our unique location lets us optimise and combine many routes through our partner network, all the way to the final destination.

Storage and preparation


We store clients’ vehicles on a 80 000 m2 video-surveiled parking lot, most of which is roofed. We perform thorough inspections, upgrades and prepare cars for delivery and handover.

Maintenance, repairs, upgrades


All maintenance is performed in-house, e.g. we track our vehicles and monitor their consumption using Alertgasoil. Our workshop’s five blocks are always busy, whether it’s repairs, washing or truck inspections.

We build lasting relationships

Hear what our clients think

We are enjoying the fruitful collaboration with Špoljar, who transport cars to our subsidiaries throughout Croatia. With time, our cooperation just keeps getting better!

Milva ŠupeDirector at Autowill

Špoljar provides the excellent support and facilities for vehicle inspection, repair, maintenance and delivery preparation.

Customer NameHead of sales at Dekra

Another dash of Europe in Croatia!

Denis SinovčićProcurist at Autopoc


    Our vehicle fleet

    Car transporters

    We deliver new and used vehicles between manufacturers, suppliers, importers or distributors.

    Truck transporters

    As a regional leader in heavy units, we load trucks at multiple locations, combine in Pojatno, and deliver to end customers.

    Misc. (tankers, special, …)

    Our solutions enable you to ship all types of goods to their destinations. Whether it’s goods or materials, we adapt our fleet and routes to your needs.

    Some of our services

    Our expertise

    For decades, clients trust us to deliver their goods throughout the supply chain. From a small family company to the big family that is Groupe Charles Andres, we cherish the same values and strive to improve every step of the way and provide a whole-package service. Building on past experience and learning from our partners, we’ve grown into a reliable partner in vehicle transportation, pre-delivery inspection (PDI), storage and handover.


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    Stay up to date


    Stay up to date


    November 1, 2020

    Our fleet is modernised with 9 new trucks and 15 new trailers

    Our fleet is modernised with 9 new trucks and 15 new trailers To speed up our activity and perform better in our transport from European car factories, our fleet has…
    September 1, 2020

    Implementation of a new TMS system

    In order to improve our business processes we have successfully integrated a new Transport Management Solution called eCar. This is GCA in-house developed software solution for automotive logistics that provides:…
    June 25, 2020

    Cooperation with the Franco-Croatian chamber of commerce

    We are glad to announce that we have become a member of the French-Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The number of HRF member companies is now over 60, including some of…
    May 22, 2020

    Growing with Autowill!

    Our partnership with Autowill keeps growing, as we've already surpassed the number of vehicles delivered with respect to 2019. We are very proud of the bond of trust and partnership…

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