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Storage & preparation

PDI Department & Services

At our premises in Pojatno, the car storage parking area is 100% paved, and spans a huge area of 80 000 m² (almost all covered), with the capacity of 5000 cars. The parking is under 24/7 video surveillance, fenced off and well illuminated. It is also fully computerised, with modern IT solutions and bar code tagging technology ensuring all vehicles are accounted for, and their number and position tracked.

Besides storage, our PDI department will take care of vehicle inspection and handover preparation, perform first servicing and small repairs, washing (80-120 vehicles per day in automatic car wash stations), metalwork, tire changing and paint jobs. On top of that, we can also install additionial equipment per request.

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More services

Domestic and international


Our fleet covers many global routes daily, connecting all clients’ factories to regional and international destinations. Our unique location lets us optimise and combine many routes through our partner network, all the way to the final destination.

Maintenance, repairs, upgrades


All maintenance is performed in-house, e.g. we track our vehicles and monitor their consumption using Alertgasoil. Our workshop’s five blocks are always busy, whether it’s repairs, washing or truck inspections.