In order to improve our business processes we have successfully integrated a new Transport Management Solution called eCar.

This is GCA in-house developed software solution for automotive logistics that provides:

  • centralised view of customer contracts / all services
  • real-time traceability of the different stages
  • information sharing to customers (web + EDI)
  • possibility to add modules or functionalities to meet our customer’s needs
  • status tracking by vehicle
  • identification of vehicles as soon as they arrive on site using barcode labels including  key information

A global and transversal management of the customer contract (all services)

  • Underpins the processes used in eCar
  • Allows a global view of contractual deadlines

Ability to adapt to the administrative needs of our clients

  • Global invoicing or service by service
  • Centralised multi-site SCM billing
  • Customer self-billing
  • Surcharge for diesel, CO2…

Multiple types of contracts

  • Manufacturers
  • Renters
  • Stockers
  • Auctioneers
  • All European countries

Possibility of digitization of invoicing documents

    • Simple invoice digitization
    • Sending of invoicing backup by e-mail
    • Sending of an image of the invoice by EDI (XMF, Edifact, PDF) with the possibility of direct integration into our Client’s IT system
  • Tax digitisation
  • Via certified trusted third parties

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