Slide Member of the Groupe Charles André TRANSEURO ADRIA Welcome to Slide is a leading Croatian company which specializes in
vehicle transport, general cargo & storage.
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Connecting Europe

Logistics & Transport

We are a best buy transport company that keeps the environment as one of our top priorities. Transeuro Adria connects the car manufacturers’ factories to the car dealers and shoppers arcoss Europe and our region. We organise frieght fowarding whenever needed, and is possible in order to optimise routes.
Our logistics department will always try to find the best solution for your vehicle shippping, and optimise the route and delivery time. Our regular routes span Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium and all of France, ensuring rapid and reliable transportation. Our partner portfolio includes some of the biggest car producers such as Renault, Toyota, Mercedes.
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Storage and preparation


We store clients’ vehicles on a 80 000 m2 video-surveiled parking lot, most of which is roofed. We perform thorough inspections, upgrades and prepare cars for delivery and handover.

Maintenance, repairs, upgrades


All maintenance is performed in-house, e.g. we track our vehicles and monitor their consumption using Alertgasoil. Our workshop’s five blocks are always busy, whether it’s repairs, washing or truck inspections.